Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Penis Enlargement Pumps

There are many questions regarding penis enlargement pumps. In this article, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions so you can be well informed about it.

#1: What is penis pumping?

It is the process of the application of a vacuum pressure to the penis. It is done by placing a clear cylinder over the penis, using a specialized pump in order to pump out the air out of the cylinder. The penis is pulled towards the top as well as the sides of the cylinder by the vacuum pressure. In this process, the spongy tissue, known as corpora cavernosa, which fills with blood to produce an erection, is being expanded. The result is the enlargement in the penis girth. Pumping will also stretch the suspensory ligament, thus enhancing its elasticity as well as increasing penis erect length.

#2: How much will my penis grow with this method?

This method typically increases penis in length by 1-2 inches and in girth by 1-3 inches if you use a Penomet pump(read review). The amount of growth you will get depends on the frequency of your pumping, cylinder size, pumping duration and features of your body.

#3: Are the result permanent?

The answer is yes. Penis pumping will produce stable growth. However, initially, it will provide immediate although temporary, growth. Repeated pumping will increase the magnitude of the growth and lengthens the time the growth lasts. The growth can be maintained with a regular pumping routine, just like muscle tone can be maintained by working out regularly. And just like how muscle tone will diminish when you stop working out, any growth you gain from pumping will decrease gradually over time if you reduce or stop your pumping routine.

#4: How long does the pumping session need to be?

In general, the longer the session is, the more dramatic the results will be. The recommended duration of the sessions is about 30 minutes to an hour repeated daily for best results. Apply the vacuum pressure for 15 minutes maximum at a time. Then, release the vacuum pressure and remove the cylinder for several minutes between each pumping interval.

#5: What kind of man uses penis pumping?

Adult men of all ages, socio-economic backgrounds and lifestyles. Some men even include penis pumping as a part of a healthy lifestyle which also includes a balanced diet and regular exercise.

#7: What is the average size of man’s erect penis?

The average measures are about 6 inches long and 5.5 inches around.

#8: If I have had penis enlargement surgery, is it okay to do penis pumping?

Only with the approval of your physician. Even then, in general, no sooner than 10 weeks after the surgery. If your physician approves, begin your pumping routine using minimal vacuum pressure and apply it slowly. Stop immediately if you experience discomfort.

#9: Can I do penis pumping if I have a penile implant?

No. Do not use penis pumping device if you have any kind of penile implant.

Erectile Dysfunction and Treatment Options

Erectile dysfunction is an inability to be able to get an erection or to be able to maintain an erection once you have it adequately for intercourse. Getting erections is actually quite a complex process, there are multiple different levels involved. There is a network that comes from the brain, and it is necessary for the message to get from the brain to the blood vessels to be able to dilate. Then the blood vessels have to be healthy for the blood to be able to come in, to be able to get an erection. And the nerves that communicate between the brain and these blood vessels also need to be intact. There are multiple factors that can affect this process at any one of these levels.

The way these three process linked is that sexual stimulation which is from the brain is the necessary input that gives the process the stimulus for the nerves to come into play with the message being sent from the brain along the nerves that it is a need to have some sexual stimulant.

ED Causes

There are multiple causes of erectile dysfunction. The natural causes of erectile dysfunction: patients that have diabetes are much more likely to get erectile dysfunction. As patients get older, their erections certainly start to decline, and approximately 50  percent of men at the age of 50 have some problems maintaining erections. If patients are obese, there’s certainly an increased incidence of erectile dysfunction. Excessive alcohol or smoking also can affect an erection. There are multiple tablets that can cause erectile dysfunction.

And one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction at the moment is a consequence of the surgery and the most commonly prostate cancer surgery which causes erectile dysfunction by the damaging of the nerves which give the message to be able to dilate the vessels for elections.

Treatment of ED

Treatment of erectile dysfunction is quite complex. And the cause of erectile dysfunction is certainly important in the management. In natural erectile dysfunction, which is not caused by surgery there is a stepwise treatment of erectile dysfunction. A significant amount of the sexual dysfunctions is psychogenic. And therefore it is critical to get positive feedback results.

Usually, the first line of therapy is medical treatment, which includes all three of the PDE5 inhibitor tablets which are commonly known. It is Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. All three of these work in a very similar action but some patients will respond to one and not the other. They should all be tried as the first-line therapy for erectile dysfunction.

Unfortunately, they don’t work for everybody and when they don’t  work, the next step is to try injection therapy which is an intracavernosal injection. Some patients have problems with this both physically and psychologically. The thought of having to give themselves a needle every time they want an erection has both a physical problem because some people are needle phobic. And also there is a major issue with spontaneity in sexual relations. If you have to stop, go to the bathroom, draw up a needle and give yourself an injection to get an erection.

If these do not work there are other things that can be used such as vacuum pumps. But some patients find this difficult to use; that can cause bruising. And they don’t need to be used in isolation they can be used with the tablets and with the injection.

The final step and the best form of treatment for erectile dysfunction when no other treatments work is a penile implant.

Breathing For Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation seems to be a problem for a lot of men. We don’t really like to talk about it; it gives a lot of stress and a big dent in your self-confidence if this is happening to you. But please know that you’re not alone. It happens to a lot of guys and also know that this is a problem which can be fixed. It is not something that you are doomed to live with. So with a little bit of exercise, and adjusting your diet, and making sure that your body and mind are both in optimal condition, there’s no reason why that issue would have to continue.

Causes of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation often has to do with a combination of factors. So as far as I know, it’s a bit of a psychosomatic problem meaning it’s both mental and physical as is everything actually. But that the mind affects the body, and the body affects the mind. Once you have the problem of coming too fast, usually guys get very stressed about this particular issue, and sex becomes even more difficult because they are so stressed about it. And in the back of the head, it’s always an issue. So one of the things that we really would like to do if you suffer from this problem is to kind of calm your mind,  you have to make sure that you are not stressed while you’re having intercourse with somebody.

Another issue is also that it can be really physical if your body is too acidic, or if you have infections or inflammation, if your diet is not good, so if you drink lots of coffee and smoke cigarettes, and you do all sorts of unnatural things, generally that really affects your ability to have good sex, and it affects your stamina. We live in a very artificial society nowadays. You have to imagine thousands of years ago men were running around the fields, catching animals and collecting food, and taking care of the women. And nowadays it’s a bit different, sitting in offices, sitting in artificial air, living in an environment which is not very beneficial for us as human beings. So you have to keep in mind that you want to keep your life as natural as possible and as alkaline as possible. Lots of green foods, don’t drink too much coffee, don’t smoke, don’t  alcohol and just try to be clean. Take care of your body as you should and try to limit harmful toxins to a minimum.

So we can do a couple of exercises because the third cause of premature ejaculation is a lack of control in those muscles that we have here – pelvic floor muscles. We do have this net of muscles here in the lower body, and if we learn to control those muscles better, you can be sure that your problem of ejaculating too fast can also really go away because you will have more control.

So the exercises that we’re going to do now are particularly helpful for that. The first thing I would like to teach you is how to really breathe into the pelvic floor. So how many of you have actually ever tried breathing into the pelvic floor? Probably not a lot. So what you want to do is you want to exhale through the nose, take a long deep exhalation all the way down and again it’s you want to visualize this drop of water which is going all the way down into the pelvic floor; and once it falls down there you want to lift all those muscles up and at the same time contract your sphincter muscle – the muscle around the anus. So it’s almost like you’re making a lock here in the lower body. So let’s do that all together. Take along the big inhalation and exhale all the way down along the spine and lift everything up here. Now hold it for a second and then see if you can hold it and at the same time breathe into the legs. Exhale again. Lift everything all of it and then inhale, visualize breathing into the legs only. Exhale again and inhale breathing into the legs. Exhale.