Breast Life Hacks

Today I’m going to tell you some boob life hacks that can help you out and make your life a little bit easier.

Boob hack #1 Double up to bubble up

The first boob hack is what I like to call “double up to bubble up.” All you do is wear two bras at the same time to give your breast some extra lift and life. And I also recommend wearing push-ups for this, if you really want to burst from the seams and call attention to your chesticles, especially if you want to make your boobs look bigger, this is definitely a great way to achieve that goal.

Boob hack #2 Warm your whoopee cushions

If it’s that time of the month and your boobs are sore, apply hot compresses, these heating pads, or soak in a hot bath. Relaxing is definitely the key to relieving that pesky breast pain.

Boob hack #3 Freeze those floppies

If you want to firm up those flattest line saucers and keep from accidentally stepping on one of your nipples later on in life, treat your high beams with ice boob shoals. Take a few ice cubes, wrap them in a towel, and rub the cool ice around on your boobs for one minute per boob. Next lay in over declining position for  30 minutes. Do this every single day to keep those saggy softballs and check. The cold temperature will make tissue shrink thus making boobs look firmer and perkier.

Boob hack #4 Bra-ledge is power

You may wear a bra every day of your life, but have you actually learned how to properly secure your bra? Bend over and slide the bra on to your shoulders and adjust your boobs inside. Stay bent over, clasp the bra while you’re still bent over and then adjust the straps to your comfort. This method can help you to avoid back pain and more ailments caused by larger heavier breasts.

Boob hack #5 Don’t caffeinate, appreciate….no pain!

If you’re about to start your period and your boobs are aching, try to cut back on that caffeine, such as coffee and soda pop. Caffeine contains an ingredient that stimulates your breast tissue and causes pain.

Boob hack #6 Burst out a Tata workout

It is a great way to keep those double whoppers in shape, especially if you’re starting to see some savage in your bust. These simple exercises will help to firm your breast tissue. Get on your knees in a push-up position and use your arms to push down and around. Push-ups and planks are also great performing those sweater stretchers plus the new year is upon us, and it’s a great start to your new year’s workout resolution.

Boob hack #7 Soy hooter pain away

If you’re still struggling with extreme breast pain, I suggest soy. It contains an ingredient that helps to lessen breast tenderness. Include soy products such as soymilk, soybean alternatives, like this soy taco meat, or have a soy burger.

Cystic Fibrosis And Male Fertility

It is interesting that the obstruction is certainly anatomic, but the defect is genetic. And what I mean by that is cystic fibrosis, the male will actually have a fully intact reproductive system as he’s developing. So that the problem is not in the development but what happens is somewhere while he’s still in the uterus, the fluid that normally gets turned over in the vas deferens, in the epididymis, becomes thick and the secretions become so thick, it causes that vas deference to gum up and that is a signal for that tissue to basically collapse, and eventually we say involute or go away. So the key to that is that wherever cystic fibrosis affects us, now that is a mostly we think of as a lung disease, or gastrointestinal disease, wherever it is, it’s a malformation or male function of transport of chloride across cell membranes that leads to that junkie fluid. So whether the junkie fluid in the lungs that causes pneumonia and all the lung complications of cystic fibrosis, or whether it’s in the pancreas and the small intestinal ducts causing the digestive problems, or in the vas deferens. Gene is the same all over the body. It’s just the organ system that’s targeted is going to be different.

So the other key thing about cystic fibrosis is the number of times I make that diagnosis as a urologist and a male reproductive specialist, is far more common than you might think. In other words, a lot of these men don’t have any of those serious, life-threatening abnormalities and cystic fibrosis that gets that condition picked up much earlier. So they may be in their thirties and maybe they have little extra cold symptoms in the winter, or they’ve had pneumonia once or twice. But nobody’s ever thought to test him for that because they never been that sick. And when I do their exam and find that I can’t feel that vas deferens, I order the genetic testing and sort of recreate our steps to make that diagnosis of congenital absence of the vas deferens and cystic fibrosis.

The oldest male has ever picked up in with cystic fibrosis in my practice was over 60 years old. So again two things to know about cystic fibrosis:

  1. It can be relatively benign condition;
  2. The treatments for men that have severe cystic fibrosis are allowing them to live well into their adult years and really be interested in reproduction, whereas before this was such a devastating condition that most people didn’t live through adolescence.

So again great news on the front of cystic fibrosis, our ability to improve their pulmonary and their lungs situation, to get to the point where they can contemplate fatherhood and parenthood.

The important thing also about cystic fibrosis is because there’s genetic test for this whenever I make the diagnosis in a male, it’s important for the female partner to also have genetic testing, because they have a much higher chance of having a child with a full-blown cystic fibrosis if both of them test positive for that carrier status.

Why Addyi Isn’t So Good

In this article I want to talk about Addyi – it is a drug that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for hypoactive sexual desire disorder in females. But once it came on the market it did not become popular.

Viagra on the other hand when it was approved in 1998 within the first month had about 600,000 prescriptions. Just enough in one month alone and even now for 2015, total sales per year were about four billion dollars. On the other hand, Addyi in the first month had 227 prescriptions. That’s right. 227 prescriptions. So it is selling at an annualized rate of about 11 million dollars. The company had hope for somewhere between a 100 million in a 150 million and remembered they spent 1 billion dollars to buy the company.

A recent analysis in JAMA Internal Medicine looked at the drug; they looked at five published studies and three unpublished studies, and they looked at the patient’s global assessment of improvement. And they found it was minimal to non-existent. And then they looked at the number of sexually satisfying exposures or experiences per month. And they found that with the Addyi overall that was about one extra sexually satisfying experience every other month, maybe even every third month.

If you look at the unpublished studies, and the real problem with Addyi is not that it doesn’t work, and it does not seem to work very well at all, but the problems with the side effects. Side effects as big black box warning if you take the drug you might become hypotensive, your blood pressure might crash, you might become dizzy, or even faint, lose consciousness. Oh my god, this is not a good drug, the good situation at all. A lot of the people who take the drug suffer from dizziness, or sleepiness, nausea, fatigue. Some of them even have insomnia. Dry mouth is another common complication. They looked at women who took the pill for a year and if you take the pill for a year the likelihood of a side effect is about 40 percent, the significant side effect is about 8 percent.

And there is another problem with this drug. If you happen to drink alcohol, even an occasional glass of wine, that is going to increase the likelihood that you’re going to have a problem with following blood pressure, or fainting, or loss of consciousness. So you have to be very careful. And there are a lot of medicines that are going to interact, that are going to cause the same sort of problems potentially. And those drugs might be as simple as erythromycin, or maybe St. John’s Wort, or maybe Ginkgo. Maybe you’re taking a hepatitis C drug, an HIV drug, or even if you’re a woman and you have a yeast infection taking something as simple as Diflucan.

Well if you take the drug and you don’t find that benefits, you ought to stop after that eight weeks.