Erectile Dysfunction and Treatment Options

Erectile dysfunction is an inability to be able to get an erection or to be able to maintain an erection once you have it adequately for intercourse. Getting erections is actually quite a complex process, there are multiple different levels involved. There is a network that comes from the brain, and it is necessary for the message to get from the brain to the blood vessels to be able to dilate. Then the blood vessels have to be healthy for the blood to be able to come in, to be able to get an erection. And the nerves that communicate between the brain and these blood vessels also need to be intact. There are multiple factors that can affect this process at any one of these levels.

The way these three process linked is that sexual stimulation which is from the brain is the necessary input that gives the process the stimulus for the nerves to come into play with the message being sent from the brain along the nerves that it is a need to have some sexual stimulant.

ED Causes

There are multiple causes of erectile dysfunction. The natural causes of erectile dysfunction: patients that have diabetes are much more likely to get erectile dysfunction. As patients get older, their erections certainly start to decline, and approximately 50  percent of men at the age of 50 have some problems maintaining erections. If patients are obese, there’s certainly an increased incidence of erectile dysfunction. Excessive alcohol or smoking also can affect an erection. There are multiple tablets that can cause erectile dysfunction.

And one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction at the moment is a consequence of the surgery and the most commonly prostate cancer surgery which causes erectile dysfunction by the damaging of the nerves which give the message to be able to dilate the vessels for elections.

Treatment of ED

Treatment of erectile dysfunction is quite complex. And the cause of erectile dysfunction is certainly important in the management. In natural erectile dysfunction, which is not caused by surgery there is a stepwise treatment of erectile dysfunction. A significant amount of the sexual dysfunctions is psychogenic. And therefore it is critical to get positive feedback results.

Usually, the first line of therapy is medical treatment, which includes all three of the PDE5 inhibitor tablets which are commonly known. It is Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. All three of these work in a very similar action but some patients will respond to one and not the other. They should all be tried as the first-line therapy for erectile dysfunction.

Unfortunately, they don’t work for everybody and when they don’t  work, the next step is to try injection therapy which is an intracavernosal injection. Some patients have problems with this both physically and psychologically. The thought of having to give themselves a needle every time they want an erection has both a physical problem because some people are needle phobic. And also there is a major issue with spontaneity in sexual relations. If you have to stop, go to the bathroom, draw up a needle and give yourself an injection to get an erection.

If these do not work there are other things that can be used such as vacuum pumps. But some patients find this difficult to use; that can cause bruising. And they don’t need to be used in isolation they can be used with the tablets and with the injection.

The final step and the best form of treatment for erectile dysfunction when no other treatments work is a penile implant.